Our Date with Lord Stanley

Yesterday we were able to go with a group of fellow fans to take pictures with the Stanley Cup.  It was the first time we have attended a Kings event that we  were happy with how it ran and the outcome!

Here are our pictures from the day.

Our moment with the Stanley Cup!

It really all started the other day when we heard Luc Robitaille mention that the Stanley Cup would be going around LA to ‘hotspots’ to take pictures.  It was a brief mention in an interview but we thought about it and decided it was worth a try. Our plan was simple… Watch twitter and see where it was, then try and figure out its path for the day.  We came up with all the usual places: beach; Santa Monica Pier; Pink’s; Graumans Theater; Hollywood Bowl; Hollywood Sign; Griffin Park, but we really didn’t know.

Even this morning we were still not sure.  When we saw the first tweet about it being at Manhattan Beach we were nervous… this could be a long day with Abby.  We decided to go for it.  Worst case we’d get a nice day seeing lots of LA, best case – the Cup!

So we drove to Manhattan Beach and saw nothing.  We went south along the shoreline looking for any signs and following anything we could on twitter.  Some might say this was crazy but we knew the chances to take a picture with the ACTUAL Stanley Cup was so rare, it was worth the effort.  We got all the way down to Redondo with no luck and Abby needed to get out of the car and eat.  So we made a stop at Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

As we were leaving we got the update…. it was a the 3rd Street Promenade, we had gone the wrong way while driving at the beach!  It was enough to almost make us give up.  We realized chasing the Cup was not going to work and we had to think two steps ahead.  So we talked with my dad, got his thoughts and saw that the Cup was at Rodeo Drive…. we started to see a pattern.

We decided to head to Graumans Theater and wait it out.  So we parked, walked out to the theater and realized we were crazy.  There were so many people there – too many!  It was hot and miserable and best case would be getting a picture as the Cup was going by.  So we left.

Next, we decided to try the Hollywood Bowl.  We love the place and it is a huge symbol in LA.  We thought maybe they would take a picture at the sign or be let in to take one on the stage.  When we pulled up, and to our surprise, the Bowl was open.  We drove in and decided it was a great place to wait and see.  There was almost no one there, there was shade, and we could walk the grounds freely, so Abby wouldn’t get antsy.

After a hour and a half we were getting worried.  There were Cup sightings at the Beverly Hills Sign, the House of Blues, Pink’s, and then Hollywood Blvd…. right were we had been!  But we stuck our ground and it paid off!!

We saw the van pulling in and both knew instantly that it had to be them!  The Keeper; head of PR for the Kings, and a few others got out and there was the Cup…. just us and them….. AMAZING!!!  We told them how glad we were to see them and how long we had been waiting.  That we just took a chance.  They said, “that is amazing and deserves some pictures with the Cup!”  I can’t tell you how excited we were by this news!  We were hoping just to get pictures of it!

Then to my surprise the Keeper, Mike, asked how old Abby was and how much she weighed.  I told him 14 months and about 20 pounds.  His response, “Want to put her in the CUP?”  Hell yes!!!!!!!!!


Then we followed them into the bowl and were able to take some pictures of the Cup inside the Hollywood Bowl!  This place holds tons of memories for us and to have this one added is just, well there are no words!

Worth every second of our crazy day!  The Keepers of the Cup are truly amazing people and were so nice to us!  The Kings also filmed Abby with the Cup so hopefully we will see that soon!

The tweet about us from the Keeper of the Cup!


Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!!

Last night was a major moment in all our lives… The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup for the first time in their 45 year history!  This was amazing for us on so many levels.

Abby got to experience her first Stanley Cup games and experience a win… high expectations were set for her life!  She did so well at the game last night.  She just seemed to sit back and take it all in… it really helped us all enjoy the moment that much more.  The only thing that could have made this moment any better would have been if Marianne was still with us to share the memory.  She was with us in spirit and I am sure smiling down on all of us.

There were many times throughout the game that I had to fight back tears but when that final buzzer sounded I could not hold back any more.  I cried openly, as did Ben, while most people in the arena cheered.

Some highlights of the evening, other than the win, was the Stanley Cup coming out from our tunnel.  I swear the Cup was shinier than I have ever seen it… it was like an “AAAHHHHH” moment.  The next was having the family of players coming out of our tunnel.  Watching players interact with their families was awesome.  Williams stood at the tunnel entrance, practically pacing, waiting for his family and finally walked down the tunnel to get them… a great moment!

There really are not words to describe last night.  Simply put, it is a night I will never forget and so glad to have been a part of!

Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Last night we went to the Kings game – game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals!  It was Abby’s first Finals game… we are setting the expectation high for her in the future with hockey. 🙂

The game was amazing!  Kings won 4-0 against the Devils and now lead the series 3-0.  Game 4 is tomorrow night and we can not wait…. bring on the Cup!!!


A couple weeks ago Abby went to her first LA Kings playoff game.  The Kings lost, one of only 2 so far this post season.  Abby will be going to her first Stanley Cup Final game tomorrow!  Something her mommy and daddy had to wait a long time for!

The Return of the Kings

Ok, this could be for real. We have joked that now that we’re getting married in mid-June, the Kings would be in the stanley cup finals during our wedding. Hah hah right? Well now we’re getting a little concerned. It would be just our luck. They look amazing.

After many years of being the goobers at home handing out candy, we decided to return to our youth and play dress-up. Ben went all-out, with a Sith Lord costume, and Michelle was his princess Leia.

Ben’s costume was a combo of gifts from Chaz Brown and Michelle. Chaz provided him with the combat suit underneath the grand cloak provided by Michelle! He painted his face with some oil-based black face-paint, and some really awful water-based purple for the tattoo design. Next time he plans on getting better quality face-paint, some gloves, and some cosmetic contact lenses to complete the costume!

Michelle got her costume at a Halloween store, but opted to provide her own hair buns in lieu of the ones provided with the costume. The belt is quality!