Science Museum

We went to the science museum for Bubblefest.  It ended up being a bust but that had a hockey exhibit which the girls loved.  Too bad it was all Ducks themed.


Auntie Kristin and Scottlyn moved back and Abby was super excited for their first visit.  They have only seen each other on Skype for the last couple of years.  Let the play dates begin!

Caitlyn is 2 Months Old!

Caitlyn is two months old today!  She is growing up so fast!  She had her monthly photo shoot with Daddy and Abby got in on the action.



Caitlyn at Disneyland

Caitlyn is fastly becoming a Disney vet.  She went on her first ride, The Little Mermaid, and slept through the entire thing.  She has a cute Winnie the Pooh outfit that she got from Papa and Juju for her trips!

Recreating Photos

Recreating an old family photo.

Stadium Series Games

On Saturday, LA had the first ever outdoor hockey game.  Ben was able to go.  Here are a few shoots from the night.