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It all started on March 18, 2004 at a Kings game against the San Jose Sharks. It was the second intermission and the cute boy who sat next to us sat down on the steps next to me. At first I didn’t know what to think, I had never really spoken to him. He started to stumble over a Robitaille appearance that he knew about in Santa Monica and asked if I would like to go. I remember shrugging and saying it sounded cool. The 3rd period started and he went back to his seat. Well the game ended up going the way most Kings game seemed to go those days (a loss) and my dad and I decided to leave before it was over. As we were leaving Ben asked for my number, so he could call about the Robitaille signing, and I responded with, “I will just see you at the next game.” He instantly got a frustrated look on his face and asked again for my number. I walked over to quickly give it to him and my dad walked back and asked what I was doing. As we left my dad harassed me that Ben was trying to pick up on me which I thought was ridiculous.

The next day I got a phone call with all the details of the appearance. I again didn’t think much of it and didn’t call Ben back. A couple of nights later the Kings were home again against the Detroit Red Wings. On the way to the game Julie and my dad asked if I had called Ben back. I said no and got some crap for that. I really was clueless in him liking me. When we got to the game I sat next to Ben for the first time and we ended up talking most of the game. I really enjoyed talking with him and started to realize we had a lot in common. I left that night thinking this was the start of a great friendship.

A couple of nights later Ben called me up and we talked for a couple hours on the phone. That getting to know conversation that lasts forever. It was a great conversation except for one big thing… I found out Ben smoked. I have always had a no smoking rule in someone I was dating and didn’t want to even give him a chance. He asked me out at the end of the conversation and I said sure with no intention of actually going through with it. I called my dad and talked to him about it as well. He told me to go on the date. He said worse case was I would end up with a great friend. I still wasn’t sure and didn’t call him back the next time he called. About a week later he called and left me a message. It was the sweetest message I had ever gotten. He said, “I just want to tell you that I think you are beautiful, awesome, sweet, and a great person. I really would like to go out with you but if you don’t then I will understand and I won’t call you anymore.” Or something like that. I knew then that I was going to give him a shot.

We scheduled our first date and I can remember how nervous I was before he got there. He had made reservations at Bucca de Peppo and The Laugh Factory. He showed up at my house and I instantly squashed his plans. I am not a fan of Bucca de Peppo’s and we had to figure out what to eat. We ended up at Paseo Colorado at a fast food Chinese place. It was great because there was no one there and we got a chance to talk. The Laugh Factory was fun and we laughed at all the same jokes. When we got back to my house at the end of the night we stood on the porch for over an hour talking. I knew he wanted to kiss me but I had a no kiss on the first date rule. It was defiantly a bit awkward when we finally said goodnight. The next day I called Ben for the first time just to tell him what a great time I had the night before. We made a date for the next weekend.

On our second date Ben showed up with flowers and the second I opened the door I kissed him. He always gives me crap about that because he had a plan for kissing me that night and I spoiled it. We went ice skating that night and had an amazing time. I guess you can say the rest is history….

According to…

Even though my memory isn’t good enough to remember the exact date, apparently it all started on March 18, 2004 at a Kings game against the San Jose Sharks!

Well actually that’s not entirely true. I’d had my eye on this girl for a long while. Whenever I brought a guy friend to a game, I’d be sure to point out the hot blonde with the incredible smile. That’s all I knew her as. She was usually with her Dad, who I spoke to on occasion – but he always sat between us, so I really don’t ever remember saying a single word to her. I did however, over the course of sitting 2 seats away for so many years, learn that she was a passionate Luc Robitaille fan, what with her 20 different Robitaille jerseys and unbridled enthusiasm when he would score.

I wanted to ask her out but had trouble dealing with her Dad always being there. I tried to see if I could catch her off by herself getting food, or something. But it just wouldn’t happen. So one day I hear about some Kings player appearances scattered around the LA area, and that Robitaille would be at some car dealership in Santa Monica. I figured this was the best shot that I would ever get, so I patiently waited for my opportunity which again seemed to never come. So I went for broke that fateful game against the Sharks, and circumvented her dad’s blockade by sitting on the dirty steps beside her. After I presented the idea, she was somewhat receptive and I was able to, with much prodding, acquire her number. What I didn’t manage to get was her name which, for whatever reason, I thought was Beth. Luckily my first call went to her voicemail from which I was able to obtain her real name…

We never went to the Robitaille thing due to circumstances I can’t recall, but it wasn’t that easy to seal the deal. I kept trying and it seemed like she was avoiding me. We had some great conversations for hours on the phone and at some games, but nothing seemed to be materializing. I was a smoker back then, and this apparently was the deal-breaker. So after asking her out and getting kinda brushed off, I made a desperate move on the way home from a game. I called her and left her a message on her voice-mail telling her how great she was and everything I liked about her, and how much I wanted to go out with her. I was pretty convinced I was going to be demoted to stalker status but I had to try…

Amazingly, however, this made her call me back and we finally had the chance to go out. I’m not one to follow convention, and the thought of a dinner/movie date was just so ordinary, so I thought we’d start with an unusual dinner at Buca di Beppo’s , followed by the Ice House comedy club in Pasadena. Not too strange, but not too ordinary. However, she completely shot down my dinner plans for reasons I couldn’t quite understand, and we ended up at a cheesy little chinese fast-food place instead. I think this was her attempt to establish early on who would be wearing the pants for the majority of the relationship! But still, it was fun, and the Ice House was a great idea. I dropped her off at her house where we continued to talk for a few hours… while i was standing on the front porch! It ended a bit awkwardly to say the least…

We had a few really great phone conversations after the first date, and I really started to fall for her. The second date went much more smoothly overall, even though it started all wrong. I had some silly plan about how I was going to surprise her with these flowers and a kiss, but before i could even get the flowers from behind my back she kissed me… Again, pants!

So things were still up in the air until I took her ice skating and showed off my skills – which she says was the clincher.

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