Playoff Hockey

Abby went to the first playoff game this season with daddy, papa, and juju.  She ended getting to see her cousin Scottlyn while there!  Unfortunately the Kings lost.

Passover Seder

Ben and I hosted our first Passover Seder at our house this year.  We cooked for two straight days and made our own Haggadahs!  Family and friends joined us and we had a great evening!


Ribbon/Bow Holders

I have wanted to make something to hold all the buttons/pins the girls get from Disney and hockey games and finally came up with the solution.  It cost under $15 and only a few hours of my time.  I think they came out beautifully!

Watching Hockey

Caitlyn watched her first playoff game with Papa!

Turning 3

Abby has been so excited about turning 3!  We decided to surprise her after school and take her to Disneyland, her favorite place to go.  She had an amazing time!  She tried new rides, watched a princess show, saw the fireworks and fantasmic!


Abby woke up this morning and the first thing she did was come into our room and announce that she was 3!

For her birthday she got a Frozen shirt from papa and juju, she insisted on wearing it right away.  She also got her first set of real Legos, a Rapunzel tower, from mommy and daddy.  We also painted her a treasure chest in the theme of Jake and the Neverland Pirates filled with gold dublooms!